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Pay-Per-Click Case Study

We were engaged to take over the in-house pay-per-click management for two digital subscription products offered by a large publisher. Both campaigns were simply directing traffic to the website homepages, which did not provide for an ideal experience in both cases. Users could accomplish multiple goals on the homepages and the subscription pages were not easily found. Our goal was simple – user subscriptions – and so we crafted custom landing pages designed to convert just that. 

Of course, optimizing the landing pages are just one piece of the puzzle. We also did major campaign clean-ups, re-bucketing keywords, optimizing ad extensions, and crafting new ad copy. Also, we A/B tested the website homepage with our custom landing landing pages to prove that we needed to keep the customer message short and direct. The results after short time periods were as follows:

Campaign A

PPC Results Matrix

Campaign B

PPC Results Matrix 2

As you can see, we have achieved tremendous success with the campaigns, which continue to enjoy high conversion rates and low CPAs to date.

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