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Social Media Optimization
Social media campaigns so effective, we’ll stake your reputation on them.

Social media has democratized the Internet, allowing anyone and everyone to create, distribute and react to online content. Social media is more than just “word of mouth” on the web. It is an infinitely-complicated process of give and take between a business and millions of people around the globe.

Social media demands respect. The collective power wielded by consumers on sites like Twitter, Facebook, Digg, Reddit, Quora and YouTube can easily build or burn your business overnight.

At Promediacorp, we see social media as an opportunity to not only enhance your online reputation, but to better understand and communicate with your customers. We begin by scouring social networks to find out what people are saying about your brand. Then we create a customized solution that works toward neutralizing negative sentiment while increasing positive mentions. We shape the conversation in a way that advances your marketing goals and connects you with the right communities online.

Ultimately, the goal is to induce consumers to work for you — helping your content travel, creating buzz about your business, increasing your linkability, and generating increased traffic to your website.

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