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SEO & Link Building Case Study

Following the announcement of the return of a popular traveling music festival, Promediacorp was asked to develop a strategy to  capture traffic for concert-related searches, while building links to promote the new album for one of the concert performers. This was a time-of-the-essence campaign.


We started by converting the concert announcement blog post into an optimized landing page. Pre-sale information was initially housed within a short blog post without an optimized URL. We shifted the information over to an optimized URL. Additionally, we modified a widget/badge for musicians and bloggers to embed, to include a valuable text link and to fit various blog layouts.

Additional content for the new landing page was also generated. We improved upon the initial post, informing fans of the pre-sale tickets and the artist’s new CD, by adding the dates and locations of each concert performance. This additional information informed users of large cities within a proximity of the performance, address for the shows, and the names of each venue. The incorporation of these terms resulted in extensive long-tail traffic from users searching for individual performances. Video content and user commenting were also integrated, increasing the page’s authority by creating a more immersive landing page with fresh content.

To push traffic towards the music festival’s landing page, we utilized social media and link building tactics. Promediacorp wrote content for the artist’s Facebook and Twitter account that effectively linked back to the landing page.


We reached out to other artists performing at the music festival, and successfully got them to embed the widget/badge with the link. We reached out to influential music bloggers and community fan sites, and scored links from them as well.


Promediacorp began tracking many of the highest volume search terms related to the tour, over a two-month period. The following chart shows the improvements in SERP rankings on Google.

Landing Page SERPs


Total # of new backlinks from third party sites: 1,200 links (according to Yahoo)

  • New URL: 903 backlinks from third party sites
  • Old URL:  298 backlinks from third party sites


Data from campaign launch March, 3, 2010 to June 14th, 2010

  • 67,015 pageviews on tickets landing pages
  • 27,479 pageviews by visitors sent directly from search engines to ticket landing pages
  • 17,163 of these pageviews were from organic searches related to concert terms
  • 106,346 pageviews at the artist’s online store
  • 9,564 copies of artist’s new CD sold through online store for total sales of $123,534.90

Concert Case Study Analytics Screenshot