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Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving from Promediacorp!

SEOmoz Meetup at Promediacorp Office

Next Tuesday, October 19, from 6pm-9pm, we will be hosting an SEOmoz meetup at our beautiful office.

SMX East 2010 Recap

Another Search Marketing Expo has come and gone. Great job Avi Wilensky for your presentation on YouTube Video Ad Tactics, and to Max Oshman for your presentation on Mobile Apps.

Mechanical Turk Happy Hour

In conjunction with Amazon Mechanical Turks and thelab, Promediacorp is pleased to be hosting the first ever happy hour discussion on efficiently leveraging crowdsourcing to monitor, manage, and improve SEO and SEM campaigns.

Guide to Generating Google SiteLinks

Of all Google’s tweaks to the search engine results page (SERP), perhaps nothing has generated more interest in the SEO community than SiteLinks.

Landing Page Optimization – Keeping Your Users Engaged

I was listening to an informative webcast this morning on landing page optimization, presented by Ion Interactive. Thought I’d share with you some of my learnings, and inject my own wisdom on the subject. We all use landing pages in our PPC Campaigns, with the hope of driving conversions. But the user experience has changed […]

Fresh Out of the Oven –

Promediacorp is proud to announce the launch of our latest creation: When one of Manhattan”s largest owners of residential property needed to develop a strong online presence for their new real estate brokerage arm, they chose Promediacorp to get the job done. The task at hand included: Designing the new logo and color scheme […]

Speaking at SphinnCon Israel!

I’m proud and honored to be a part of the new SphinnCon conference series, which is debuting in Jerusalem, Israel on February 4, 2008. SphinnCon is a new conference series launched by Search Engine Land‘s, A first of it’s kind, SphinnCon Israel will be the first SEO/SEM & Social Media conference being held in […]

Google, bring sexy back!

Lots of things can be sexy. A new Porsche, an Upper West Side Condo, a black dress, a well aged scotch. So why is it that when we tried to include the phrase “sexy apartments” in our Google Adword’s 25 character space, we were denied? Just googling “sexy apartments” came up with 2 paid search […]