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PPC Campaign Audits
Get the most bang for your PPC buck. Or thousands of PPC bucks.

Many businesses like to put all their marketing dollars in the PPC basket and are disappointed when it under performs.  The truth is, Google Adwords and Bing Ads have become extremely complicated platforms over the years as dozens of new features roll out every week, and not everyone has the time or interest in keeping up with these changes. Sure, anyone can set up a simple campaign and see results, but there are many many opportunities within the platform for you, the advertiser, to get the most bang for your buck.

If you are managing your Pay Per Click campaigns in house, but are not maximizing the return on your investment, there are probably a number of improvements that can be made to your existing campaign structures. If you are not looking to outsource management, but would like an experienced set of eyes to provide feedback on your campaigns, look no further!

Our campaign audit will address the following topics:

  • Campaign Settings: Are the optimal settings in place? What devices are being targeting? Are site extensions being utilized?
  • Keywords: Correct keyword bucketing; identify wasted ad dollars on expensive keywords that are not converting; tighten up match types; ensure appropriate negatives are in place
  • Landing Page Analysis: Is the page designed to convert and is A/B testing occurring?
  • Ad copy: Is the message clear and does it include keywords and a call to action? Is A/B testing occurring?
  • Budget Analysis
  • Campaign History Analysis
  • Display and Retargeting analysis
  • Analytics Insights
  • Opportunities

We’ve been managing PPC for years and years and are in the platforms for several hours each day. Check out our awesome PPC Case Study.  Not yet convinced? Give us read-only access to your campaign and we can provide little tidbits of feedback over the phone at no charge. There is really nothing to lose. Contact us now!


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