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Weekly Linkies: The Blue Hippies Edition

Welcome to our first edition, super limited release exclusive, Weekly Linkies blog post series! We’ll bring you weekly updates from the worlds of SEO and Social Media. Consider this information curation of sorts, content aggregation on a small scale, sans the expert analysis, laced with sarcasm and wit . What do Blue Hippies have to do with this post? Well, not much, but we thought it would grab your attention…and it did!

Twitter Web Analytics

Thirsty for more statistics? Can’t sleep at night unless you know what your page rank and click through rate are for your website? Are you not satisfied with having to utilize third-party software for Twitter analytics? Well fret-not my friend! Twitter now provides a free dashboard for their web analytics! Quantitative research for the win!

 Tumblr: Now With More Views Than You’ll Ever Get (Unless You’re Facebook) 

Don’t like reading lengthy text? Prefer image dumps to scholarly articles? Are you part of the ADHD generation? Did I just start another paragraph with a multitude of questions? Yes I did! Tumblr has recently buried competitor WordPress 6-feet under, receiving approximately eight times more the amount of views per month.

Search Relevance and Social Media

Link buying, keyword stuffing, and pulling the domain seniority card are all becoming a thing of the past in contemporary SEO.  Hide your kids, hide your wives, hide your black hats, and dust off your old hats. Welcome to the 21st century ye olde world of optimizing search engines! Social media is the new popular kid on the block. It comes with a newfound authority that is leveling the playing field of ranking on the interwebs.

Social Media Managers and SEOs, Sitting In A Tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G

Beyonce was wrong in her song “Run the World”. Girls don’t run the world. Neither do boys. It’s actually a combo: SEOs and Social Media Managers. While the two generally work independently, and at times spat with one another over the more effective strategies, the two best serve the domains they are working for my combining their powers. The forming of a Captain Planet of sorts.

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