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New & Improved Suggester Tool

Promediacorp’s Suggester tool has been seeing quite a bit of use, so we decided to make it even more helpful and more than just a Google auto-complete tool. We just added some new features that can keep you better informed about the online search presence of your organization and your competitors.

New features include:

  • Country – Now you can see auto-completes from Google through the lens of visitors from all over the world.
  • Rank – Rather than just giving you the top ten results in order of search volume, we’re ordering the entire list for you. Previously, results were ordered alphabetically. Now, terms at the top are shown higher in the auto-suggest box.
  • Sentiment – At the top of our results, we display the positive and negative sentiment of the aggregate of suggested terms. Each term also has our calculation of the sentiment which we determine using a list of positive and negative terms.
  • Search Results – For each term, we also display the approximate number of search results that are returned in Google’s index. This can help you gauge how many pages you’ll have to compete with when optimizing a site for that term.
  • CSV Export – Take your suggest terms with you! Manipulate them however you want, make word graphs, reorganize them, or make beautiful charts… just make sure you share them with us 😉
  • Mobile Friendly – See the same great Suggester experience on your phone as you do on the web. We’ve used responsive formatting so you can see terms immediately and don’t have to wait till you get back to your desk.

Over the next few months, we’ll continue improving the Suggester, so please leave some comments with what you would like to see in the future. Thanks for your support and feedback!

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